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Did MIDLAND just give me the evidence I need to beat them?

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Many, many moons ago I found a form letter on here asking for all statements and any other evidence from the lawyers repping Midland for a collection acct. For some reason -6 months later- they've sent the evidence in the form of a handful of copies of some statements. The final statement in their group shows a zero balance and that the full amt owed, $371 was paid on 09/02/2008 by my spouse, bringing our total to ZERO owed. We had previously questioned this collection and really had thought that we had paid this off way back when but didn't have any documents to prove this.

IF they try to bring this case to court, can we just submit a copy of what they've just sent us to get this thrown out? I mean, did they just provide us with the evidence we needed to have have this case dismissed?

On a seperate note, I "disputed" all of Midland's Accounts on my husband's credit reports and Midland had to stop reporting on ALL of the accounts as they were found in violation of the FCRA-but i don't know WHY they were in violation- how could I find this out? I thought it could be useful if any of these acct's tried to be collected on in court in the future.

Thanks for ANY help offered- anything is appreciated, its all very overwhelming!

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I've read it and read it- it IS indeed a statement for a zero, paid off balance detailing the recent payment made by my spouse resulting in the ZeRO balance. NOW, I'd love to sue them for this, especially since we had a disaster court appearance which resulted in a judgement against us in February ( I studied and had EVERYTHING ready but couldn't get off work for the court date and my husband is not the best public speaker and got bullied by the judge, whom had just played a round of golf with the attorney the day prior)

Barring all that, What do I do? Do I contact the attorneys now? If so, what do I send- a D & C with a copy of that statement showing a zero balance?

I don't believe we are in a monetary position to hire an attorney of our own at this time, either.

Could they have other statements? In my letter I demanded all information on this acct- they didn't send anything but these six statements. What's my next step?

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Make sure to keep all these new documents in a safe place you cant loose them. (I hate paper work, but ive learned to the hardway to keep it forever.) Also I now keep proof on any account including utilities that I pay off to a zero balance.

You have anything you can print out or in writing for proof if you need it on the FCRA violation?

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