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Any recommendation for an unsecured card?

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You still got Discover, Amex, citi and so many others, but as always to get a prime cc you'll have to wait till your credit score is clear, try Barclay and see what happens, I applied for the Barclay rewards card, I sincerely thought I was gonna get denied but they approve me with a good credit line of 1300. I did have a crap 1 cc for 2 years before applying. GE money bank might also give you one, is not a master card, you can do the amazon one or jcpenny or another merchant, when you get with them 1-2 credit history try a better cc, I'll try in 2015 Chase amazon or Discover or both.

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Avoid the "store" cards.  Most of them are really low limit Crap 1 cards with extremely high interest.


My suggestion is just get a debit card on your checking account.  You'll have plastic when you need it, and you doon't have to play the "secured" game.  It also keeps you from overspending.  If you have $50-100 to spare each month, open a savings account at the same bank and use that to cover any overdrafts.  Wells Fargo has a good program.  In effect, you build your own secured card plan, but they pay you interest on the savings,

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Actually now a days you can opt out of the overdraft protection, so if you go to a store and no cash is in your checking your card will be declined. Same for credit card you can opt out of the over the limit, same thing if it's gonna get you over the cc credit limit the charge will be declined. I do this with all my cards.


As for store cards Amazon GE money bank gave me in march a 600 CL, not a lot but on june they auto upgraded my CL to 900, so it's not a lot but to boost my credit utilization is good, since I can use the regular card and my credit utilization will be less cause of the card. Also they do have a very high interest rate of 25.99 I think, they do a 6 month no interest on purchases over 150, so basically you can buy something and pay it monthly for 6 months no interest. I bought a color laser printer that way and pay it off in 3 months and pay 0 interest. But you're right they are not the best cards around, but they are easier to get when your score is bad, and they do help you build credit history, they do not have annual fees but on the downside their credit line will not go as high as a regular credit card, and the interest rate is just extremely high.

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I tried the amazon through GE Money Bank and i was respectfully denied. Discover i gave it a TRY when my credit score on Equifax was 660 and they denied. Target also told me the same thing but offered me their other secured debit card if i wanted.

I have GE MONEY through Rooms2Go Furniture store which i paid off immediately within 2 months & so did the same with Tidewater on their 90 day financing which is paid off too.

I am gonna have to try out the Barclays Card & see how it goes. Today (Sat) thru Monday being full moon day in Texas i will do it during daytime on Monday...lol. I have not tried JCPenney/Dillards/Walmart/Macys/ either.
I suppose i have two crap1 cards that are HSBC & CRAP1 both chargedoff but not transferred/sold. DOFD is June 2008/Sept 2008. Maybe thats when utilization is accounted for & it will show as balances on utilization & maybe why i am not getting credit cards? Just my guess. I forgot to mention i had Delta SkyMiles Amex card whose 7 years ends Jan 2014.
 maybe i will try COSTCO Amex in 2015. but before that i am very much trying to do something to get unsecured credit card. its become a " i have to have it thing " for me now.

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You only need 1 or 2 cc, not more, as @willingtocope says manage your debt, not your credit score. I have a house rule with my wife of only 1cc each and 1 store card. Right now we only got 1cc that I put her as authorized user, and cancel all the other ones, she got 1 jcpenny store card, and I got the amazon one, tha't it, if she wants another store card. You don't need to boost your credit now, specially with 4 charge offs, just get 1 if you can and stuck with it for a while till you can get a better one, don't start the same path of having 5 cc paying minimum or a bit more and then defaulting, one is easy manageable and is a help if you need it, use your debit card ALWAYS when you can and use your cc one or twice a month, and pay it off. Just forget the credit crap as you know it, and manage your debt.

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credit unions look at overall picture of your credit!!!!


They want to know you have atleast one unsecured credit card or car payment or something that you are continuously paying for over 6 months and then maybe they r willing to risk an unsecured $300 limit credit card.



I have applied for BarclayCard they did not instantly approve me waiting to see how it goes?

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When i have two accounts from Crap1 that has been charged off but doesn't show a zero balance would that account for denial .Last date of payment is between june and sept 2008 for both cards. Would this count towards the outstanding balance & utilization? 


Is that any factor over & above the recent chargeoff's that stopping me from getting an unsecured credit card. Barclays looks at TransUnion Credit Rpt & i have two other inquiries for credit within the last 6 months & five inquires with over a year now (all car related). I like to thoroughly diagnose my transunion report & give me recommendations.

So here it goes


Crap1 -Line of Credit -$5026 balance-chargedoff-lastpayment08/08
Citi-Shell-Chargeoff-Bal$885 DOLP: 12/15/2011
Citi-Exxon-Chargeoff-Bal: $1661;DOLP: 12/01/2011
Convergent-UtilityBill_Bal:$100;Placed for collection 12/2013;Last Rpt Date: 5/2013
Midland Funding: T-Mobile_ Bal:$1257; Placed for collection; 10/25/2012 ; Last Rpt Date: 06/23/2013
ProCollect: Utility-Bal:$94-Acct incl in Bankruptcy-P.S: i have not filed bankruptcy at all Last Report Date; 6/1/2013
SallieMae-MaxDelinquency of 120 days in 12/2010; Current-paying as agreed-Deferred.-$43/month
SallieMae-MaxDelinquency of 120 days in 12/2010;Current-Paying as Agreed-Deferred-$36/mo
Second Round LP-Amex-Bal:$14807.Placed for collection;12/2010; last Updated; 11/27/2012; Removal date 03/2014
US Bank:Chargeoff-$11,710; Last Payment Date 1/1/2011; Date Updated-10/22/2012; Removal date: 03/2015
Security Credit Services- Placed in collection;12/2011; last payment date for US Bank 02/2011;

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