anyone want a job at pressler!

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Me too. I am certain that with my computer skills, I could help them lose I mean win many cases. Gee, where did those statements go? Why do they say the account holder was George Washington? Darn computers, you never know what they'll do. Maybe they should advertise here, that's where the truly qualified people are.

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I could make those phoney affidavits because i have personal knowledge and am over the age of 18,and the company cares about people:catholic:

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I think Raysway has the right idea, if he means what I think he means.

Stop to think about it:

Many people on this board are in trouble because they are unemployed.

Now, here's a job opening.

So, a CIC member who's unemployed applies for the job.

If they get it, think of all the damage they could do! Or what interesting information they could obtain to pass on!

Worst case scenario, they get fired, and they're no worse off than before, but they've pulled in $12/hour for a while, and helped other CIC members to boot!



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