My greatest BK fear. One that stops me from doing a BK. What if you get really sick?

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My greatest BK fear. This is the one that keeps me from doing a BK. What if you get sick after BK? What do you do about medical ins and health expenses?

I have had 8 family members die in the last few years. so this is not just theory.

What do you do if you get seriously Ill after bankruptcy? Like cancer or a heart attack?

Im 50 so odds are not with me.

1) you have no credit cards so how do you pay the Dr up front?

2) If you are self employed even if you have insurance, it has a 3K deductable and 80/20 costs out of pocket,

not to mention the cost of drugs that are not covered. if you get a huge bill what do you do?

2) you cant declare bankruptcy for 8 years so if the medical bills are astronomical

you cant make the collection agencys ever go away. you are trapped?

3) What a terrible thing to experience as you are fighting for you life.

Is this nightmare possible? Or is it a worse case that is only in my imagination?

4) I need a reality check and some possible creative solutions.

BK is looking as a possible option but this fear is really keeping me up at night and keeping me stuck.

Am I the only one that has felt this way? What did you find as a solution?

thank you for your wisdom...

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You do what ever other person, illegal alien or not, does without insurance or the means to pay for medical care. You go to the emergency room from everything to cancer or a heart attack or a paper cut. They have to treat you no matter what.

The emergency room as your primary physician is a system that is worked harder, by those in the know, than a two dollar crack whore with a ticked off pimp.

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Also, its not that you can't file BK before 8 yrs, its that you can't file a CH 7. You can file a Ch 13 and there are 13's with very, very low monthly payment amounts. There is a time frame for filing a Ch 13 after you have received a Ch 7 discharge, I don't remember the time frame now but you can search for it. Don't let the "what if" keep you from making a decision that could help your situation.

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give up your citizenship, declare yourself an illegal alien farm worker and move to California. they will give you food, medical, housing, allow you to vote, send your kids to a public school, give you free money for college,

I mean really, even the cows are happy in California

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Thanks for all the replys... I appreciate it.

So far this is what I am hearing as far as options.

1) emergency room - which is only good for acute symptoms not chronic

2) File Hardship case. pay a bit a month on the bill

3) File a chapter 13...

4) Go to cook county hospital ekes!

any others ?

Another question.

If i go BK 7 can it affect my current self employed health insurance?

Can they take it away? or raise the premium because of my BK or Fico?

thanks so much! knowing that i am not the only one that fears this and that there are options is a big help.

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