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Credit Cards, banks and Charge offs, oh my! Dated 7/11/12

(Sorry I tried to post the link but I don't have enought counts to be able to do so)

I followed the advise on the above thread to file a complaint with The F.D.I.C., The Federal Reserve, office of the comptroller of the currency and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to have one of my credit cards removed. It's a HSBC cc that was purchased by Capital One. I based my complaint on the fact that I have not received validation of the debt. I called HSBC and they told me they did not have any documentation on file for this acc and that it has all been fwd to the new collection agency.

Soooooo I received a call from Capital One office of the President in regards the complaint I filed. I don't know if I should call back and talk to them. I'm a newbie by the way so I am really afraid I may say something that's going to backfire on me. Their vm was very simple, it said that they would like to discuss the complaint I filed. Please help.

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