Requested Arbitration and was Served Anyway.

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Hi all,

Can someone please help me out a bit.

In August, I was sent papers from an attorney requesting payment.

I replied with a DV letter and requested that should we need to, I elect arbitration with JAMS per my cardholder agreement.

A few weeks later, in the mail they sent me 3 months of CC statements.

Tonight I was served with a Summons from my Superior Court, how should I proceed?

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If arbitration is what you want, you need to answer the lawsuit and make sure you elect arbitration. Also if its a JDB look at RCW19.16.270 I beleive, you must object to the assignment of debt or it will be presumed valid.

Also prepare your MTC arbitration and learn the rules for Superior Court

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I have a copy of Discovers agreement that says we can arbitrate. I will give it a shot and file

This may be a dumb question but I'm learning.

I am reading and reading. I think my state is a summons now file later state. In my summon it says I can demand the plaintiff file suit if I want and I have 20 days to respond with my dispute. If this isn't technically filed yet, do I reply to the courts or the attorney

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