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I started at CIC in 2004 when I went to buy my truck and found out there was something not so great on my credit report from the loan dude at the dealer. Who wants to hear that your credit has a blemish on it from that guy??

That was a huge, huge wake up call for me. I found out, from this site, how to deal with that collection that was showing up on my credit reports. I wrote the letters, demanded verification, and got the bad stuff removed. I was able to buy that truck.

Fast forward almost 10 years. I'm ready to trade that truck in and get a new car. This time-I want to be pre-approved and go into that dealer knowing that I've got everything on my side.

This time... I got pre-approved. My Credit Score is 822. Strangely enough, this was news to me! WOW!!!

I got that bad stuff removed and I've been protecting my credit ever since. Now I've got that pre-approval letter in my back pocket when I finally get to the dealer. I won't accept anything less then free money! 0.0% on a 5 year loan! What is better then free!

You can do it. Take the time. Follow the guidance. You will get there!!! This is all in your control and in your hands! CIC was the BEST thing that happened to me. It made me aware. It put me in control. And best of all, it gave me the hope and confidence to make it better!

Good Luck!

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