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Mortgage, a dead pledge


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Mort=dead and gage=pledge. But why is it a dead pledge?

Homeowners cannot use real money to buy a house so we use credit, credit that is already available to us. From where does our available credit come from? Google: "Birth certificate a government bond".

I understand the government is bankrupt, not having money to give us, so we use our time and labor to pay for what we need.

Credit becomes the debt when we give our "promise to pay", we commit ourselves through our promise and signature. Credit is just a number signifying what we promise to pay. How do we pay? We need to work and that's how the value is created that is needed to make payments.

When you give your signature on a promise to pay up to a certain amount....you create a debt.

Why debt? because now you are obligated to work and use your time and labor needed to fulfill your 'promise to pay'. There is no other way to pay anything. Government is bankrupt.

What happens with a mortgage? They take your 'promise to pay' and turn it into Reserve notes (or paper dollars). They are NOT changing your credit into the silver dollars (money) , if they had, then you would have received a loan). They turn your credit, your 'promise to pay' into the paper dollars that becomes comes BILLS (paper dollar bills or bills of credit).

Why? There is no real money backing those bills, they are just printed "out of thin air" and they are calling them "money" But, they are NOT money, they become DEBT/BILLS.

According to my understanding, here is why they turn your credit/your promise to pay into something having NO value....

It gives the APPEARANACE of a loan (in the past, paper dollars were as good as money because they could be redeemed for money, they still were NOT the money, only 'as good as').

So when the Reserve of Britain (maybe London, not sure) prints a bunch of valueless paper dollars to match the amount of someones credit, it gives the 'appearance' of a loan, so they can charge you usage fees (interest).

Now, not only do you owe for your credit/'promise to pay' you gave for your house, but also you owe usage fees for the paper dollar bills your promise to pay/credit was turned into.

They are printing and selling you something of no value and charge usage fees, creating a negative value. The value would not have been negative if they had gold or silver backing.

You cannot go to staples and kunkles to print out a couple thousand bills to pay the reserve back the valueless paper dollars, so the only way to pay them paper dollars back, is through your ---> time and labor.

Can you see? You must WORK to receive the paper dollars. Through your working (or labor), you are creating the value needed to receive paper dollars (cash). NOW THEY BECOME WORTH SOMETHING. They can be viewed as "money" by the ones who did not have to work to supply the value needed.

The paper dollars are your debt, but you give them back as "money". Without the gold or silver, theres no other way value can be injected into the paper dollars. They need your time and labor.

They give us something of no value, charge fees, creating negative value (debt). We are forced to pay back those paper dollars using our time and labor. Then they collect the paper dollars back---> with value.

As I mentioned, they just printed them but we cannot just print them. We can only receive them AFTER working. The private-for profit corporation called F. Reserve controlling the currency we use as our "medium of exchange" makes profits.... from us.

The term 'ponzi scheme' comes to mind and there may be a resemblence but I do not know enough about a ponzi scheme to give my opinion about it.

Google : Ponzi scheme America

I need a break from this mortgage stuff, its too depressing.

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yeap misspelled my bad, went trick or treat with the kids, my legs need a rest I'm checking if I can help someone maybe tomorrow.

sounds good...

If you feel anything I posted is not correct......unleash your thoughts.

Im working on "fine tuning" my understanding of what a mortgage is.

I dont want to cause anyone unnecessary stress if I am mistaken, I know we have enough already :shock:

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I think you see all the thing from a very particular point of view.

You need to read a lot more to have a theory I recommend first to read Rousseau and his social contract. Then go to Lock and read his and see what different approaches they got.

First land got no real owner; we make a piece of paper and state that the land belongs to x, that’s why we come up with private property. To be able to have private property we got to be able to defend our property, either with a citizen militia or by paying taxes and hiring mercenaries, yes our American heroes that got killed in was where sometimes a citizen militia sometimes just mercenaries, like when we invaded Europe. Printed money and private property are two completely different things, in the old days you could not buy property and if you didn’t have nobility title did not have the right to own land.

Now what we got is a capitalist property, industrial, global and so other things going on all at once, and it will be hard to just simply point out one without mentioning the others. It’s easy no nation backs up their paper bills with gold or silver, they just print it based on the GDP. Basically a financial institution borrows you money and wants it back at a certain APR, the days of the catholic church ruling that money didn’t give any fruits and therefore interest could not be acquired, are long gone, if I borrow you 10 bucks, and expect you to return me 11 is simple because with those 10 bucks if I keep them I could have bought a dog have puppies and sell them, and get more money, but instead I chose to borrow it to you, and you agreed to pay me back, if you use it to buy a house then you have just put a claim that the land is now yours and so got to pay mercenaries to defend it, since you probably don’t belong to the army and even if you did you still get paid and do not defend your land but a flag and a lot more land that many other claim as their private property. In the old days, people didn’t borrow money they just invaded a nearby city or kingdom and make that land their own, plain and simple. Nowadays we are a more civilized society or so we claim, and instead do other more complex things, therefore private property and land are sort of “obsolete”, in economy terms.

You ain’t paying something dead you are paying for your right to claim a piece of land as your own, and you are using modern economy to achieve it, you could as well use the old ways and just invade someone else and claim it your own and pay 0, but guess who got those bombs?. I didn’t make an exhaustive study of your theory just my 2 cents.

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I think you see all the thing from a very particular point of view.

You need to read a lot more to have a theory I recommend first to read Rousseau and his social contract. Then go to Lock and read his and see what different approaches they got.

First land got no real owner;

MB response:

Land must have an owner, we pay rent through property taxes. Maybe the State owns it.

Concerning 'private property'....Its private because we can own (possess/control it) but private doesn't indicate we are the 'true' owners, just allowed to dwell in private.

Concerning "Printed money and private property"...."money" cannot be printed, money needs self containing value to be considered money.

Printing paper dollar bills creates DEBT not money, but look how easily our minds can be programmed by the switching of two words.

The paper dollars becomes money for the ones collecting payments because we give it value with our time and labor. Our time and labor seems to have replaced the gold and silver.

"Basically a financial institution borrows you money and wants it back at a certain APR", ....

MB response:

They are not borrowing money because there's none to borrow, it was removed, main reason we have credit. Everything we obtain through payments, is based on credit, not money. Wether the purchase was made with your credit or wether it was made after your credit was turned into the paper dollars...they both require you to "inject" the value through your time and labor. The difference is the usage fees and lien attached to the paper dollars, whereas your credit would not have "usage fees" attached. This is what creates the massive debt causing you to pay 3 to 4 times more for your house. Usage fees (interest) on an artificially created debt.

"if I borrow you 10 bucks, and expect you to return me 11 is simple because with those 10 bucks if I keep them I could have bought a dog have puppies and sell them, and get more money,"

MB response:

If you loaned me ten buck you receieved from your pay, then the ten would have value... BUT if you went to staples or kunkles and printed out the ten then gave it to me, it would not be a loan because you would have given me something of NEGATIVE value , so I would have to work 3 to 4 times as long to pay back 3 to 4 times as much to"inject" the value into the ten to cover the negative value while also paying you a nice profit.

"You ain’t paying something dead you are paying for your right to claim a piece of land as your own",

MB response:

Its a dead- pledge (mort-gage), that is their word, not mine.

The pledge is what you are giving to the Servicer, you pledge your credit, that how they are able to print a bunch of paper dollars "out of thin air" and spend them because you give your pledge to work/create the value needed for the payments to cover the credit you pledged to them. I understand this funds the federal Government. We fund the federal government though a pledge. They turn our credit into "cash" before we have a chance to work and create the value needed for what they print and spend.

No gold and silver, whats left? Our time and labor.

You mentioned buying land...that may have been BFORE the homeowner signs the dead pledge (mortgage) HOWEVER, by signing the dead pledge, you give up your rights to the land and the house you ALREADY OWNED BEFORE THE MORTGAGE WAS SIGNED. The homeowner can sign away their house and the property because they already owned it before they sign the mortgage. They fail to disclose that to the homeowner before they sign. You could not pledge your house if you were not the owner. People are unkowingly giving up their property as collateral to fulfill a pledge involving their own credit. Land and house was "confiscated" without one shot being fired. How clever is that?

People are still seriously a sleep when it comes to understanding what really happens with a dead pledge (mortgage).

And becasue they change your credit into paper dollar bill currency being controlled out of Britain (or London) that has a hidden lien on the currency, now the house will also have a lien.

AND every payment you make using currency that contains a lien, even if your house is paid for but paid with the currency containing the lien....guess who would own your house?

This may be happening because many have become too proud by believing they could not be deceived...and they may even laugh just at the though of being deceived. This also happening because many believe words don't really matter and call it whatever you want...even if its debt, call it money, no harm....so we thought.

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From an economic standpoint, currency is debt to the Federal Reserve...ie that is why there are US Treasury bonds...

When the US went off the gold standard, it used to be printed on every dollar bill that this bill can be exchanged for one ounce of silver or gold. Now all a dollar bill says is, "In God We Trust"...that saying used to never be on any currency.

As the Federal Reserve dictates to the Treasury to print money to expand the money supply, it deflates the value we have to buy goods and services or aka as inflation.

When Congress votes to spend money, no money is printed..only US Treasuries are issued and auctioned.

As far as mortgages, if you try to follow the money trail from the inception point till now...there is never any money that exchanges hands. The only entity that has any money are the REMIC trusts. When mortgages are orginated and agreements are established behind the scenes to securitize those loans...The Investment Banks advertise those loans through the issuance of new corporate or agency bonds based upon who establsihes the Trust. Next, once offered to investors both institutional and individual, they pay money to the REMIC in order to receive interest payments from those bonds back my the pool of mortgages assigned to the trust and as those loans are paid off...principal repayment is made.

This is all good in theory, but as we have learned..The loans were never properly assigned to the REMICs. Investors have lost money and when they sued, there were never any loans properly in the Trust. The banks and Investment Firms were taking loses on the loans, then being repaid through the government and with insurance proceeds.

We believe that in the US, we have private property rights...but in reality we are not that much different than in England....All land is owned by the US Govt and as stated we rent that land until we can no longer afford to pay on the rights to that land. Eventually it goes back to the government. There is also eminant domain where the govt can take back that property for public use...at least they have to pay for the land and not just kick you off of it.

That is why property owned by individuals is not included in their net worth statement...It is not really an asset that one owns outright!!

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bmc, thanks for reply... Ill need to wait for your reply to "sink in" before I can give a better response.

Concerning the us treasuries, I understand WE are the treasuries bonds backed by our labor through registration of our birth certificates, creating a 'credit account'. The reserve may be in control of our credit accounts through our BC's.

Google "birth certificate a government bond" to learn more about our BC.

*My sons BC has the word "audit" with a number written next to it. Mine has numbers but not the word.

Taking our available credit and changing it into the paper dollar bill currency so it allows them to charge us for using our own credit

Treasury bonds "mature" after 18 years, the same time when we graduate from school and considered mature at 18 ( coincidence?).

The profit making insitituiton calling themselves the "Federal Reserve" is no more part of the Federal Government like "Fed ex" is not part of the Federal Government either (quoting from an article I read) just because they use the word "Federal" to make us think other wise.

Calling the Reserve 'Federal reserve" is misleading us. Refering to the 'credit monopoly' creating bills of credit as "money" is VERY misleading. They are not printing money and injecting into society, they are injecting 'bills of credit' or DEBT into society, so when they collect these 'bills of credit' through our payments...they collect paper dollars containing value. Whereas before, they were just bills, but once we send them back (after we work to get paid) that's when they contain value. Value needed by us through our time and labor. It may be consdered money TO THEM because they are not the ones laboring to "inject" value into the paper dollars. To us, it is debt, because we have to work to create the value needed for this paper dollar currency.

Check out: Supreme Law Firm

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