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Phony debt vs Real debt

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A mort-gage (dead-pledge) Phony debt or real debt?

Here is the difference:

You obtain YOUR available credit through your 'promise to pay' sealed with your signature.

You just created a REAL debt.

This means you owe on something containing REAL value.

Your credit is just a valueless number that signifies what you will work for in the future by creating the payments necessary through your time and labor needed to "buy" what you have "purchased" with your credit.

Think of it this way, Remember when a "layaway" was accepted at walmart?

You could take something off the shelf you wanted to PURCHASE, then the clerk would place the item in the back to be stored until you gave Walmart enough payments to BUY what you have "purchased".

*To purchase ---> an item you want to buy.

*to buy ---------> making payments required to own what you purchased.

The purchase of your house is similar to a layaway, but they cant store your house behind the counter until you can pay for it, so you receive the house when it is purchased. Now you will need to work to create the payments necessary to "buy" the house. Can you see?

Your credit (promise to pay) was used to PURCHASE the house. You receive temporary ownership until you can fulfill your 'promise to pay', making required payments to BUY your house.

The Lender/servicer takes your credit number (your promise to pay) and changes it into the paper dollars. They charge fees for the use of the paper dollars. These fees creates unnecessary bills (paper dollar bills). It creates unnecessary DEBT.

This process happens when you sign a mortgage. You pledge your house/land as collateral and if you do not keep your "promise to pay" to pay this unnecessary debt, they take your house (foreclose).

*You could not pledge your house if you did not already own it.

They take the documents that is required to purchase your house and mingle them in with "mortgage" documents, by signing, commiting you to pay for the unnecessary fees attached to the unnecessary paper dollar bills that your credit was unnecessarily changed over to. This creates a debt that leaves you stuck for YEARS to fulfill BEFORE they take your payments and apply them to to the purchase of your house.

If you purchased a house for 100,000.00 (credits) You may be paying over half a million in the end because they mislead you into signing a mortgage (dead pledge).

*Credits to purchase your house----> real debt.

*Fees attached to the currency your credit was changed over to, is the debt real or phony?------> you decide.

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