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collection letter for PRIVATE student loans


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Hello all,

I received 4 collection letters from AIC, allied international credit corp, for 4 private student loans with keybank. The total for them is approx $100K

date of last activity is 2009, i am in texas. SOL is 4 years here.

What should I do next. Should I validate all 4? Do you think they will negotiate the debt?



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There still could be no SOL on private student loans.

I thought they were like twinkies, no expiration date

the debt collectors for them can still violate FDCPA and can be sued but you have to make sure they are a debt collector and not a servicer

the servicers are hard to get at, sometimes though your state law may snag them as they often ignore state laws since they don't usually carry the same punch, the exception would be a state violation class action with 5,000 members of the class or more.

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