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can I prevent 6 yr old GA summary judg being refiled?


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have a $40k 2006 summary judgment by FredHanna/MBNA, filed

before the late great Budd Hibbs told me most of these

had wrong acct#s and I should have gone for discovery,

etc. I dont have the money, and have been fighting his garnishment

attempts for 6 years, and enduring it on my credit file.

How can I maximize the probabilty they will decide NOT to

refile for another 7 years. There is nothing to garnish, Im moving

to Florida and am head of household, so they will never get anything anyway (I had long since paid off principal this is just penalties and usurious interest).

Best course? any GA attorneys with experience with Hanna?

Should I call them diectly? keep quiet, etc.?

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