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Can I sue Pinnacle for FCRA Section 611 Part (A)(1)

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I have tried every way possible to have Pinnacle VA a collection that is on my credit report.

I have 3 certified RRR, plus I have emailed, faxed, and even called this CA.....but I still do not have any type of validation.

I have also complained to the BBB (they ignored it) and Attorney General (they sent a nice letter that said there's not much they can do and pointed me out to the financial department).

My question is this - can I sue for violating FCRA Section 611 Part (A)(1)

since they have ignored all of my certified requests?

I am in Florida.


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sorry for the confusion.

It appeared on my CR, and it seems as this is inaccurate. I have a very old Verizon debt from 2007 and this is probably the 3rd JDB to get the account. I am disputing it because they have "re-aged" the debt to 2010 and it isn't supposed to come off of my report until 2017.

So, my request for VA was mainly to get the correct date onto my report not to say it isn't mine.


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When you dispute an entry on your CR, the best thing to do is first dispute with the CRAs. By disputing then entry first and directly with the creditor/JDB, you lose the right to sue them.

1. How did they re-age it? Does the entry show the date of first delinquency to be 2010? Or does it say "date opened" - 2010. There's a difference.

The 7 year period for reporting a negative is based on the date of first delinquency. If Pinnacle is reporting "date opened" as 2010, that doesn't reage the entry. The date opened means the date they received the account and opened it in their files.

2. What did you say in your letter to them?

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