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I am new to the debt settlement arena and was wondering if I could get some advice?  My husband and I have several credit cards (two we are dealing with on the arbitration board) as well as quite a bit of medical debt.  Most of them, if not all are in collection agency status.  


If we are able to settle with them via our tax refund...what is the best way to go about it?  Do we call the collection agency?  Original creditor?  Do we ask for a particular department?


Does it matter on the amount of debt?  Credit cards range from $500 to $2000.  Medical debt there's some smaller ($500) to several thousand.


Thank you so much in advance!!!


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You can call the collection agency, but make sure you have your finger on the hang up button, it can get nasty.  You'll mostly only be calling them to feel them out, don't expect to hammer out most of the details.  Make sure you get the name, direct line, fax number and address of the collection agency on the phone.  Then follow up with your offer letter. 


You need to get the offer in writing, signed, before giving them any money.  Shoot for an opening offer of 25%.  


We have a complete write up on debt settlement here:



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