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Trial Date Set-Questions Need Answered

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I need some questions answered. 


I received a summons from a junk credit card buyer who is in MI.  They obtained a lawyer in Ohio who sent me a summons for a credit card I had in 2007.  The credit card company reported that the cc was closed.  In August 2012 the junk buyer reported that they bought the account and I now owe them more than what the cc company reported when it was closed. 


I received the summons in early November 2012 and then I prepared an answer with the help of this forum.  On November 30th I received an 18 page discovery document from the junk credit card buyers lawyer.  I have NOT sent my answers to the lawyer as of yet, because I have 28 days to answer.  On December 3rd I sent my own discovery to the lawyer requesting something showing that I owe the junk buyer money.  Yesterday, I got a trial date document from the court.  So, here are my questions:


Should I send back my answers to the discovery that the lawyer sent to me since a trial date has been set?


Who set the trial date?  I think it is really strange that I got the discovery and then a few days later a trial date..would the judge possible just went ahead and set it?


Should I get a lawyer?  Which will be hard for me to afford.


I am really afraid to go to court, it is making me sick to my stomach!  All I want to know is if the lawyer has any type of contract in his possession stating that I owe money.   Why does it have to go to trial?

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Wrong forum aside, yes. Send your answer and reply to discovery. A trial date does not negate the need for an answer and discovery. Quite the opposite actually. 


Doing nothing is what gets people judgments. The court sets the trial date. This is happening so get involved.

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