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Problem Being Approved For Refinancing

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Hi All:


Noting the mortgage rates at its lowest, I decided to try refinancing my first and a second line-of-credit (closed by bank in 2009). 


1. My house is not under. Equity is substantial.

2. I do qualify under HARP

3. Credit Scores between 609-690

4. Broker says the two delinquencies shown from charged off credit cards in 2009 are what's going to screw me up.

These cr. cards were biz. relared and the two creditors were unable to verify the debt. SOL California has expired (4 years) . 

5. What can I do to challenge this delinquency report showing up in my cr. report.

6. The revolving accts is also incorrect because the LOC was suspended in 2009 and the report still reports it as the original LOC. Thus increasing my debt by $80K.


Anyone been there done that and can help in any way shape or form? I promise I'll sing christmas carols for you all week!! Just kidding. Thanks and Happy Holidays.

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You can just challenge the delinquency in on your credit report.  This will take time, but I don't think interest rates are going to be changing any time soon.  So plenty of time to tweak your report.  


If the creditors are can't verify, they should be off your report if you challenge them.  Give it a try.  

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