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Helping Son with CR


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HI all,


My son leaves for Marine boot camp in two weeks and we ran his credit report to check that everything was in good order before he goes.  Unfortunately, there are two collections on his report that I am trying to help him with.


Neither of the CR's indicate the OC and neither CA's have sent him any correspondence or attempted to call him.  I guess that means the 30-day VOD is null since there has been no initial communication.


My question is, what is the best way to handle this?  Do we write the CA's first based on the TL info or dispute with the CRA's first?  The only info on the TL is that one is a medical bill.  If that is accurate than the bill would be from when he was a minor and I should be the responsible party, yet I have no unpaid medical bills for him.


Just FYI - he has zero credit.  Has no credit cards, no utility bills in his name, no loans of any kind.  Never bought anything on credit, period. 


Also, the CRA's list several different addresses for him, which I intend to dispute.  However, as active duty military he has no permanent address at this point.  I was thinking of using my PO Box for him, does this make sense?  Should we include a copy of his CA ID as proof of identity even though it will have a different address and should we mention he is in the Marines?


Thanks for the help.

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You should definitely write the credit bureaus and dispute the listings as well as the incorrect addresses.  If you have a permanent address, there's no reason why your son can't use it.  No need to mention he's in the military. 


One thing that might really help your son's credit is to get a credit card in both your names.  He doesn't have to use it while he's away.  If you use it and keep it in good standing, this will help his credit tremendously.  

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