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I am sick to death of the Equifax/CSC run around !!!

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I contacted Equifax, who I disputed with, because I received a letter that they were unable to verify my identity, this is the second time I received this- (actually I disputed with Equifax, the letter came from CSC) Equifax verified my info over the phione and stated that my address is reporting correctly- and that I need to contact CSC, I had already called 5 different numbers for them, ALL DISCONNECTED- went online to look for a good number for them- NOTHING- went to their website and all you can do is contact them through email- I am sick of jumping through this hoop- esp. when I submitted a dispute that is almost 30 days old- and now they want me to verify my identity- BULLSUGAR !! So does anyone out there have a CRRENT number for these Jackholes ?

I am to the point of cursing, and I don't do that !

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