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New to the thread - I've got 2 questions. After being an irresponsible idiot in my younger days, I'm really trying to clean my report up.


I had 4 negative accounts, 3 smaller accounts listed in collections and a student loan I decided to stop paying years ago.


As for the student loan, last week I settled with the collection agency hired by the bank that backed the loan. I paid half and they will have it listed as settled in full (wasn't getting a PFD or anything else for that). The thing is, it's also listed 3 or 4 separate times on my credit report as charged off, filed with gov't, etc. This is with AES/NCT, things like that. How do I go about getting the other listings removed? Do having those listed affect my credit score? Just wondering because if I paid to have this settled (had to, since it was a student loan) should I still be getting dinged for the same thing by multiple other negative listings?


Also, I had three other small debts in collections. I sent them letters offering payment for deletion from the 3 CR agencies (used form letters I found online - not accepting it's my debt, but offering payment if I got written agreement, etc.). I got a call from one of them today that they wouldn't PFD or even put paid in full but would take a smaller payment and put settled in full. I even offered to pay the full amount for deletion but they won't accept that. It seems they would rather take less money and give me a settled in full than full payment for a PFD. I asked for a number to the original creditor (Best Fitness).  She said she'd give it to me, but I'd just be routed back to her since they were the collection agency in charge of Best's debt. I found it odd that they'd settle for less than full but wouldn't PFD if I gave the whole amount. Any suggestions here? I told her I'd have to consider my options and call back next week.


Side note - this was regarding a contract I thought I had terminated but apparently had not completed the termination. 


Finally, does speaking about these debts restart any clock or anything, or will they still fall off 7 years after original delinquency? 


Thanks again for any input.

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For the multiple student loan dings, write to the CB's and ask them to delete them, as they are multiple listings for the same debt.

This would obviously be contingent upon the CA that you dealt with keeping their word with you.


Can you give specifics on your other 'three small debts'?


Date of Last Payment you made to each of them?


Tell the CA for Best Fitness to kiss your a$$.  Either that or ask to talk to a supervisor. I can't imagine ANY CA that would rather take LESS...

Trust me, they have the power to Delete the Trade Line... so find out why they won't. You'd be better off fighting them. You can learn how to do it here.

If they want to be difficult, then YOU be difficult in return. 


No matter what you do, get EVERYTHING in writing when dealing with CAs... otherwise, your conversation never happened.


Use this site to learn; pretty much everything you've asked has been covered at some point or another...

And no, just *talking* to them does NOT restart the clock, however ANY partial payment would do just that...

Don't do that unless you can make a full payment and have a favourable negotiation... like a PFD.


Good Luck.  -RD

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They better keep their word because I didn't send the check until they sent me signed documentation on company letterhead that they would reported it settled in full as soon as they received my check. Which I know they did because I sent it signature return receipt and it was confirmed that it was delivered.



How should I write to the CRs to get the other related listings deleted? Is there some sort of form letter you think I could use? Should this be a dispute? Unsure of how that would work. Thanks again for your input.



The three small ones - 


Best Fitness now with NH/NE $800 - Last August of '09. She seemed to be willing to take $500 for settlement but not the $800 for PFD


Asset Acceptance - $239. Debt originally from an Express credit card. Something like 4 years ago.


EOS/CCA - $135. Originally from AT&T. About 5 years old.


They're definitely all valid debts. I'd like to get them off and not wait the seven years. 


I've managed to save up about a thousand bucks so I have the cash on hand to pay them all off.


How do I fight Best Fitness? What do you think I should do to get them to pay for delete? I agree it's insane, why would they take less? They were very adamant about how they would not PFD. Said that if I called Best they'd just route me back to her. I really have no idea what to do with these. I don't want to ask any friends for advice, it's pretty embarrassing and a lawyer seems pointless for the amount I have outstanding.

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