MTD and strike affidavit were denied need help with next move

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This is a continuation of this case. Being sued by Calvary Portfolio / Schindler Law Firm in Illinois Small Claims court. We filed a MTD and to strike the affidavit that was attached to the orginal complaint. The orginal complaint only had  a photo copy of a fax of the alleged contract and the affidavit attached.
At the motion hearing the Plaintiff's attorney asked for and was granted two extra weeks to file an answer. This was on 11/14/12. Today I receive a photo copy of "ADDITIONAL RECORD SHEET" from the County Clerks office. Basically it states that the motions have been denied, it then notes"Set for bench trial at request of either party. Clerk to send copy of record sheet to each party." It then notes that a copy of this sheet was sent to both parties.
What should I do? Do I let them ask for a trial date or should I get it and file a Motion For Discovery at the same time?



The orginal thread is "HELP Illinois Small Claims Filed in TIME CRUNCH"


Again thank you for all your help!

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