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They didn't want to fight - Double smack down


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Ok so I guess they didn't want to fight. While that is great news, I really wanted to show up in court with them. I know I must be crazy, but I was looking forward to attacking their evidence in the court room. So basics, actually had two separate suits filed by such a wonderful, JDB (sarcasm) :) and they were so efficient. One suit was for just under $10,000 other just under $18,000 filed at same time. On the one they immediately sent notice of dismissal upon receipt of BOP, on the other waited until just after it would have been due and then served notice of dismissal.


So now, I am going laugh my way to court to file to get my fees, so now I know they had to pay theirs and will now have to pay me mine. :-D


When do I have to file for those, after dismissal is adopted by the Judge? Or is it based on date I was served. I know it is time sensitive and I wouldn't want them to keep any money they aren't entitled too. :-D


Thanks again for all of the help here, definitely shows anyone should fight and there is a wealth of knowledge and people ready and willing to help here.

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CONGRATULATIONS, Fambam gets a twofer... ::celebrate::   ::drinky::


Now, for costs.  I'm pretty sure this is correct but please check for yourself.  I think you need to file within 10 days of the judges ruling.


Here is the form.


I also filld out, and filed, this one too, I don't know if it was required, I just did it to be safe.


Again congratulations, another win for the CIC family!



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That's amazing!  Good for you!  I sure hope I get that fortunate.  Unlike you, I have NO desire to go to trial.  Although I have been thinking of what to wear to look professional.  lol.

The bottom feeders that are after you have even LESS desire to go to trial. Don't do anyrthing to give them the impression you don't want your day in court. I think you will be OK.

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Ok, so no fight with JDB, go to court today and clerk doesn't want to file my summary of costs sheets. They tell me case is closed can't file. I go out, find the corresponding Rule of Court and CCP sections go back in, see another clerk since the earlier one was not there. Tells me the same thing...can't file it is a closed case and also can't file it because I was a defendant. Explain the applicable rule and stuatute. Stand around and wait for a while. Finally comes back to the window and tells me, we can file the form but won't be able to enforce unless I file a motion.


So, I have had to fight with the court more to just file appropriate forms than I did with JDB.


Has anyone heard of this? Will I have to go back and file a motion if JDB refuses to pay me my fees? Is the filing of the form and serving it to plaintiff sufficient? Is JDB likely to object or give me a problem with paying of the fees?


Just wondering if I have to start working on a motion or take any other steps.

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