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FCRA Violation Checklist

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I was reading over multiple threads while preparing a Fair Credit Reporting Act dispute.  I see how numerous board members approached the issue, but since everyone's problem tends to be slightly different, their complaints are, as well.  I was wondering if anyone has developed a "FCRA violation checklist" that may be helpful as a reference guide to filing a lawsuit, arbitration, or other FCRA dispute.



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Even if someone were to come with such a checklist, it would have to be made a sticky for it to be readily available.  Otherwise, everyone would still have to search for it.  Also, alot of people miss the stickies.  Even if they read the stickies, they still ask quesions.   In addition, such a list might be difficult because there are certain parts of the FCRA for which a consumer does not have a private right of action. 


For instance, if you dispute an entry directly with the furnisher but that furnisher does not report the entry as disputed, it's an FCRA violation, but it's not one for which you can sue them.

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