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Status Conference Update!!


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Well had Status Conference with AA this morning and I was in and out in 10mins. I must say, I kind of like the morning sessions because only about 10 cases were scheduled to be heard.


One thing I noticed judges in the court house either talk too fast or speaking very softly and it's so casual. Half the time the judge isn't even paying attention while the parties are speaking and just looking through the file of the case currently being heard. No one was even sworn in.


So on to AA; the attorney for AA I'll just say has a striking resemblance to Willy Wonka. The Status Conference was uneventful with another one scheduled for March. No mention of when anything has to be filed. I had already filed notice of discovery on the 4th.


A guy did go to jail for not paying child support, so some excitement this morning.




So Willy Wonka comes up to me and says "Can we talk about, talking about a Settlement" Yes, I caught that as well! ::idea2::

I was like what are you offering and suprise suprise he didn't have an offer. I was like I have an offer for you, you can settle for $40.00 or dismiss the claim. Why he would want to talk about a Settlement without having anything to offer is beyond me.


I also informed Mr. Wonka that I did not appreciate him lying in his response to my motion claiming " I'm delaying the case from moving forward by pointing out defects in their complaint". He started to fidgit and looking through his phone and by the time he had done that I had pulled out his response and the case summary showing I was the one moving the case forward. I informed him I would be filing a complaint with the Indiana Bar Association ( Not sure the Bar Association would do anything) but I just don't appreciate it.


I did mention to Mr. Wonka that I have come across a possible FDCPA violation just in the documentation they have sent me so far and Mr. Wonka then just walked away, but I did inform him that maybe at our next status conference he might want to invest in some tic-tacs.




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