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I had a Corporate CC, which was linked to my brother's business (so CC read my name & the card also read my brother's business name).  Also it was being reported by the credit bureau's under my name & not sure if it was being reported under his SS#, but he had the same card as well. After my brother paid the complete balance off, I used the card for about 6 months.  Later my other brother requested the credit card we transferred/transposed it to his business (which is unrelated to me & my older brother, so I thought, since "supposedly" it was transposed. In order to make the transfer to the new business and a new "Guarantor", B of A requested that my brother submits a copy of his Professional license, Business license & Tax ID# along with B of A form (not sure what that form was) before the transfer couldn't happened.  Fast forward three years,  my brother who had the card transferred to his business defaulted on the card. My brother is now ignoring both B of A and my calls to pay the account. B of A is now calling me to pay the defaulted credit card. I checked my credit reports all 3, B of A  is not reporting the delinquent account. On my Equifax report it is reported as " Revolving $ 0 Balance & in good standing (could be from when my other brother & I owned the acct.). A friend who is a banker called B of A's fraud dept. to inquire about the procedure of transfer a credit card from one business to another. He said a transfer can't be done if the original person is not part of the new business, & the business owner must be the Guarantor, the fraud department agreed. Another thing is that the fraud department at B of A couldn't pull-up anything under my SS# nor under my name. At different times when calling the customer service dept. regarding the account, no information could be found using my SS # or my name. Info. could be located only if I gave them my brothers business address & his name in-order for them to located the card. Couple of weeks after my banker friend & I called B of A, I received a "REQUEST TO ADD/SUBSTITUTE OWNER/AUTHORIZED OFFICER" form which on one side the form is titled: "NEW OWNER/AUTHORIZED OFFICER (GUARANTOR)" & on second page it's titled: "EXISTING OWNER/AUTHORIZED OFFICER (GUARANTOR). My brother must have signed these form in-order for the switch to happen, I remember B of A calling few times regarding these documents to be filled & faxed to their corporate office. I've told B of A that the Account (WITH NEW CARD #s ISSUED, 1 card with his name & his business & another with my name & his business's name) was switched (transferred/transposed) to his business & under his name. They're not that responsive to me regarding this issue, nor they've provided me with the faxed documents by my brother. Since the switch happened, I've stopped getting any statements. when I requested them, it SHOWED ONLY MY BROTHER'S NAME & HIS BUSINESS. What should I do? Should I ignore the letter and request to add guarantor. Should I be looking for an attorney?

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