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Lost lot in tax sale, still owe loan (now unsecured at bank). What to do?

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I lost a building lot in a delinquent tax sale due to some neeglince on my part, but I think my bank as well.

My lot was sold for $15,000. I stilled owed $50,000.

I owed back taxes from 2010, that I could have paid but tax notices were sent to an old address on file at the county tax office.

My bank was also sent a Certified Letter from County tax office about the pending tax sale. The bank did not respond to the notice, (or try and contact me). I spoke to a bank employee and thet told me the bank normally will pay the taxes and add to the end of the laon. He told me "something fell through the cracks". My question is now the bank has no collteral for the loan, which is now un securred.

I feel my bank did not look out after their asset, or did they help me their customer prevent the sale.I have been paying the loan regually for 3 years.

Do I have a case against the bank for a settlement? Currently I am paying a mortgage for no property? I don't want to ruin my credit profile by walking away.

All advice welcome...thanks in advance

Steve VW in SC

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