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Equifax mortgage reporting diff than CSC/Equifax

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I recently had success getting derogatory trade lines off my credit reports. Also a street address that I have never lived at.


Problem is Equifax mortgage services still shows these items on their report. I even have a letter from Equifax/CSC that stated these items where removed.


I'm trying to refinance / streamline my mortgage to a better rate but I can't because my score is 618 and FHA requires min of 630.


I'm assuming i need to contact Equifax Mortgage and do their job for them and prove their other division took these off.


I have no other credit other than my mortgage. I do qualify based on my income and liabities but the credit score is the problem.


My problem is with a score is I may never have a high score because I pay cash/debit card for everything now. I'm done with credit cards. My vehicles are paid off.  


Anyone have any advice on what I might do ??



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So today I call Equifax mortagage and ask them if the are the same as Equifax/CSC." Yes" was the reply but we are the mortgage side.  OK


So I asked does the mortgage side share information with the CSC side. Reply "NO". 


Well then how do I get the information off of the mortgage credit report that the CSC confirmed was taken off ?   I am to fax it to them and the mortgaage side will investigate.


What ??? investigate ? their own company shows these trade lines were already taken off.


I'm really getting frustrated with this whole thing. Another reason why the credit score are a bogus number, if my assets and liabilties qualify for a refi.  


Further more Equifax actually shows deleting 9 derogs on their report. 

Transunion shows 5 deletions.

and Experian I have yet to see any report where they have deleted or investigated.

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I'm not sure I have any help for you.  You've already found that there are many different credit scoring methods.  And, the 3 (4?) different CRAs do not share info.


The only thing I can suggest is perhaps finding another lender (maybe thru a broker) that doesn't use Tri-Merge.

willingtocope  thank you for the info.  will try that route to.

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