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A$$ET's games have to stop!!


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More than likely they will get it. However I would opposed based on one simple argument. I would be all over them for failing to meet and confer "so that Plaintiff and Defendant could come to a stipulated agreement concerning discovery deadlines to avoid requiring court intervention. At the very least the court needs to admonish plaintiff to professionally utilize the proper procedures to avoid the gross waste of this courts valuable time moving forward." It would not be a real opposition, but pointing out to the court that they are idiots and can't even handle a small thing like discovery extension. At the end ask the court order production in 15 days or bar use of evidence produced.



I have seen them whine to the court about not wanting to contact defendant off record, if they try to pull that my answer would be something like: "Your honor, is counsel for plaintiff actually stating they are unable to conduct themselves in a professional manner like Defendant is and like all other attorneys?"


All this just makes them look extra stupid to the court and gives you the chance to beat up on them. What attorney is going to want this heard in open court?

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