S. Louis Blisko

Help Amend The Fair Credit Reporting Act

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We spend a great deal of time on this forum discussing these issues.


Now it's time to do something to improve the law and make it fair for all.


YOU CAN HELP!! Amend The Fair Credit Reporting Act


This link goes to a petition on the white house web site. I urge you to click and sign the petition as well as "like" it, Tweet it and or send to anyone you can so we get enough signatures to make it happen.





May The Schwartz Be With Us!!

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Here's your Linked In page where you feature a non-white house, tiny url for the petition.


You post this short URL = http://t.co/vjC0Qntv




Why is there a short url there... 

Like I said, TinyUrl.com makes someone money who redirects traffic to it.


Did you start the petition?

You signed it first... I'm guessing the answer is yes.


It's pretty clever marketing I guess.  I know because my gal is in PR and gets asked to use this technique a lot from marketers.

Just want to help you to disclose this stuff for transparency reasons.

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