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For the record. This is not whining. This is an attempt to motivate and point out the importance of participation.


A few days ago I posted a link to the white house web site where a petition has been filed to Amend the Fair Credit Reporting Act.




299 of you viewed it thus far. Forum admin signed and posted to Facebook which was wonderful.


A few others of you signed it. Roughly 280+ of you read the post and did not sign the petition.


If you want to effect change you have to participate in that process instead of just coming here to complain about it.


If all of you singed it we would be in the 2nd rotation of getting an official response and moving it to the Sub Committee on Banking and Insurance.


We have missed 280+ chances. If you want the law to work better for you, you need to help the cause. 


Please go to the petition site (link above). Create a log in in the White House site. (trust me they won't bother you with email or anything else) and sign the petition.


Once we reach critical mass we can discuss here how best to fill it out to effect the maximum benefit for All Americans now and in the future.


C'mon, Get in the game!

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Here's your Linked In page where you feature a non-white house, tiny url for the petition.


You post this short URL = http://t.co/vjC0Qntv




Why is there a short url there...

Like I said, TinyUrl.com makes someone money who redirects traffic to it.


Did you start the petition?

You signed it first... I'm guessing the answer is yes.


It's pretty clever marketing I guess. I know because my gal is in PR and gets asked to use this technique a lot from marketers.

Just want to help you to disclose this stuff for transparency reasons.

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For those to whom it matters...


Here is the LONG url to the white house site and petition to Amend the FCRA



I will look at it but tiny urls can also be misdirected Howdo we know that a jdb is not making a cross referenced list for CIC members?

I understand your wanting to get this done but people are leery of giving the white house their anything.

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If anyone is distrusting the URL posted above, because they cannot see the whole thing, you can usually check it in most browsers by various methods:


1.  Hover your mouse pointer over the URL link and look at the far bottom at what your browser shows as the URL it will visit for the link.  I'm told that Javascript, which might otherwise fake the URL, is not able to spoof the URL shown by the browser OUTSIDE of the page display area.  But I have not tested that since I don't know what Javascript feature could do that.  Maybe a buggy browser could do it.  But once you do see a URL, make sure the "host name" part, which is after the "https color slash slash" and up to the 3rd slash, is really "petitions.whitehouse.GOV".


2.  Hover the mouse and do a right click and do a "copy link location".  If you don't get that option, the link might not really be a link, but it may be a Javascript trigger that could change it.  If it does copy OK, open another browser window and paste it into there (but do not press return).  Or better yet open a text editor and paste it there.  Check the URL like in #1.


Here is my attempt to SHOW what the URL I got looks like.  This should not appear as a link.  But you could copy and paste it, and remove the spaces before clicking return in the browser to visit the site.

https : // petitions.whitehouse.gov /petition/amend-fair-credit-reporting-act/5LM63VNH

I don't know why some of it shows up in red.  I did not set a color.  But other than that, it seems to be OK to me.

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