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Motion to Vacate

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I guess I must have missed this part :(   - BK7 PRO SE, discharged 9-2010.  All reports and creditors now read zero.-- I just found though on the CLERK of Courts website under "me" - I have a 2009 judgement and subsequent "lien" from a creditor who was IIB.


Ok- so I am filing my motion to vacate this judgement correct?  Also, (in FL) The plantiff used a _____,____,____ PA. to sue me.  So do I serve notice on them, or the OC?  Also, can I send via certified mail, or do I have to have them personally served?  (personal service).  


Do I need to put anything other than my debt was discharged case # etc.. and attach final discharge?    And on the "Lein" - how can you get a Lein, when I have never nor do I own any real "property" - what are they attaching a Lein to?  Something I could own in the future?


Any advice helps :)   Thank you!

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