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Programs for people on SSI


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We have good credit. the dilema we get into with loans is the 3000 limit with SSI. I wanted to try to do an IDA for the down payment of a house, but have not been able to find any offered in my county. My wife disability is getting worse and the apt we are renting is not safe for her. I really need to get her in a home so I can alter it for safety.


Any programs you know of that would help with a house loan and that please let me know. I live in the state of california.

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Contact a mortgage loan officer to find out available grants,every state and select cities have their own grant programs. Some banks offer programs not offered by other banks; thus, I'd recommend talking to at least two loan officers to find out options available to you. Just make certain you're talking to a long time, seasoned loan officer who knows about many programs. The first question I would ask is how many years have you been in the business and do you do grant/bond money loan programs assisting in down payments?

SSI recipients are eligible to purchase a home; you will need to complete a loan application to find out the maximum mortgage amount you will qualify for.

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