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I live in Washington state and purchased a used vehicle last month.

The used car dealership & I sign a contract which is already sold to a local credit union.

On the contact I made a $2100 deposit. 500 was on a check, 1000 was cash and 600 was on the debit card. Now the used car dealership gave me a letter that i still owe them 1000 on the down payment and wants proof of payment. How can i prove I paid them in cash?

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Well, does your contract say you owe them $2100 as your initial down payment?


You can obviously document both the $500 check and the $600 debit card. That should be easy. You will have records proving this.

Next, you can show them the receipt they gave you for the $1000 you gave them, RIGHT?



Get the Sales Manager on the phone, or go down there and speak to them in person.

This *should* be a quick fix IF you got a receipt for the $1000 cash.


And if you didn't, well, then you never paid them that $1000. 

Just like the collection agencies that we speak of on this board.

If it isn't in writing, it never happened.


Let us know.

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