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I started having trouble opening some of the many PDF files that we deal with here on the board. About six months ago I moved from Windows XP to Windows 7, and that is where my troubles started.  I use IE 8 and could not open the files most of the time. I Found out that Windows 7 does not like PDF all that well. The following fix seems to work most of the time. A few times I have had to right click on the listed PDF file and the either select "OPEN" or "NEW WINDOW" but it would open the file. Good luck:


 Make Adobe Reader display PDFs properly

If you’ve installed Adobe Reader in Windows 7, you may notice that sometimes when you try to open a PDF file, you get an error message and the file doesn’t open. It seems Adobe doesn’t play well with IE 8 in Windows 7 and won’t open the files (or at least won’t open some of them) in the browser.

If you set Adobe not to display PDFs in the browser, it will open them without any problems. Here’s how to configure that:

  1. Open Adobe Reader.
  2. Click Edit | Preferences.
  3. Click Internet in the left Categories pane.
  4. Under Web Browser Options, deselect the Display PDF In Browser check box and click OK.
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No problem, I used to work on computers and software a few years back. Try to stay in it for problems like this. One thing I have found, is after you follow these steps and it still doesn't work, but you do see the PDF file zip across the screen like it's trying to load. If so, then right click the link and then click on open. You may have to do this several times. But, it's the only way I can get it to work sometimes. Will continue to look for a better way to do this.

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I know this thread is a couple of months old but, I thought I'd comment anyway.


I cannot recreate this issue.

Maybe it's time to upgrade IE to version 9 and Reader to version 10. They're both free upgrades and what I'm running under Win7.


Also, the only add ins that I have active in IE are Reader and a spell checker.  Maybe one of the add ins you have running is conflicting?

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I still do this for a living and one of the applications I support depends on IE opening PDF files.


Since Microsoft added the ability for Windows Word 2010 to open and display PDF files directly, things have gotten a little out of hand. 


Adobe 9's latest patch had a bug...upgrade to 10 regardless of your Win operating system...

We've yet to figure out a way to use Adobe reader 11.


Here's the combinations that work for us:


Win XP, IE 8 (running in IE7 Compatibility mode), Adobe reader 10.1.2


Win Vista, IE 9 (running in IE 7 Compatibility mode), Adobe reader 10.1.6


Win 8, IE 9 (running in IE7 Compatibility mode), Adobe reader 10.1.6

Win 9, IE 9 (running in IE7 Compatibility mode), Adobe reader 10.1.6


Win 10, IE 10 (running in IE7 Compatibility mode), Adobe reader 10.1.6



Note that the PDFs we're using were created with Adobe Acrobat 8...which may have some bearing on the problem.


IE 10 is "aware" of HTML 5, and Adobe 11 is also...but they don't seem to have decided which options they're going to implement.  That's why IE7 Compatibilty is so important.


We do ask our clients to be certain that Adobe is defined as the default handler for PDFs, rather than Word.



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Myself, I prefer win 7 though I have an upgrade to 8 I won't do so. I also prefer win. exp. 8 to the exp 9. So I will stay with what I have, I have the full blown ver. of adobe 7. For the most part, everything is working fine for me now.


Yeah .......... I'm pretty obstinate myself.   I had a real hard time going from XP to Win 7 ( still have an XP machine and use it as my work horse) and will not go to Win 8 until it's at least 5 years out of the life cycle of support.


IE 9 can look and feel just like IE 8 with a little tweaking and it is supposedly more secure.


I run Acrobat 9 and Reader 10 and everything works just exactly like it should ....... no clunky work arounds.

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It's best to let your PDF reader display by itself instead of displaying through the browser, for any OS, any browser, and any PDF reader.  You get a more consistently correct view of the PDF, with proper pagination.  PDFs are "paged" documents, while browsers do not handle this well because HTML is not a "paged" document in normal viewing mode.  The issues become more visible when you need to print the document.

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Would Admin or a Moderator mind deleting the above post. It doesn't belong on this thread.

I thought you were talking about my post. I am sorry for the bad thoughts I had. I was wondering how can he have a problem with what I said and then I saw BV80 had already deleted the offending post.

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A troll had posted some trash I was not happy with and felt did not belong. I kinda feel helpless on here, as I own my own large form and am able to quickly take care of the problems when they happen. Thanks to BV80, she was on top of it and got it taken care of quickly.

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