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Answered my summons and was told I had to request hearing date??

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I filed my answer to summons yesterday and have to represent myself pro se in my case due to financial reasons.  I researched for 3 weeks straight and felt confident in my answer and planned on starting the discovery process next.

Clerk told me that a hearing date regarding the issue (Summons was from attorney representing JDB) would not be automatic and that I had to request a hearing date. Clerk also stated "I've never seen anybody other than an attorney request a hearing date" and implied I was wrong in doing so.

Perhaps I didn't reserach enough but I was under the assumption that once I filed my answer, I would be notified of a trial date by their office. Clerk stated that is wrong; if I want a trial, I have to request it.

So clerk handed me a sheet to fill out titled "request for civil hearing date".

It states:

"The undersigned hereby requests a hearing on:

(   )  Plaintiff's Motion for _________________

(   )  Defendant's Motion for ______________


It then asks how much time the non-jury trial or hearing will require


Clerk said to fill that out and she wold submit to judge who would then notify me of trial date. Because she acted like I was crazy for thinking I would get a hearing, I want to make sure I'm doing the right thing here.  This was filed in state court of GA.


Clerk also stated I'm "lucky" I was even told that I needed to request a hearing because normally, they don't tell people that.


Any suggestions would be appreciated on how to proceed. I would also like suggestions on how to correctly fill out the above form as I wasn't expecting to have to do this. Once I submit this form, if I do, should I then file discovery?


Thanks so much for taking the time to read my comment and I appreciate any help!




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