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Wondering if this is a violation...

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Just curious if this is some sort of privacy violation. This is actually the 2nd time I've rcvd documents from the Plaintiff's atty that included documents that were for a different case (not mine) belonging to another defendant! Seriously!! The first time I let it slide (it was court info regarding the CMR and judge) NOT FOR ME. I check the court website and sure enough it was a open case. The 2nd time and probably not the last, Plaintiff atty sent me responses to my discovery requests but they also included another Defendants responses, lol. (appeared to be a copy). I checked that case too, open as well. I've seen soo many inconsistencies/mistakes w/these lawyers at Nelson & Kennard, it's a joke. I searched around to see if this has happened to anyone else, but I didn't find anything. Am I the only special one? :)

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I would definitely keep copies. If its not a violation for you at least maybe the other people can use it. I have had responses where the other side listed names of others instead of me in their answers.


Judge: Do they really get hundreds of dollars an hour for copy and pasting and not even reading what they send.

No reason to tell them until the judge sees it.


CALAWYER is the one to ask about this happening in your state.



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