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S Corporation vs. LLC for business credits

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Neither.  Even if your form a C Corp (whuch I prefer) any credit your small company may be granted will almost certainly require a personal guaranteee.  In most cases, this is not a problem, unless you default...then it goes on your personal CRs


I just recently acquired 2 S Corp business CL's one for Citi at $11,000 and another for $15,000 through Chase, however as mentioned it required my personal guarentee AND they dinged my score for the inquiries! :(


Transunion 2007  FICO 417

Equifax       2007  FICO 510

Experian     2007  FICO  554



Transunion 2012 FICO 743

Equifax       2012  FICO 778

Experian     2012  FICO  790

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