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How to Deal With a Collector that is Not Covered By the FDCPA?


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I was told by the state of Colorado I owe them money for unemployment over payment in 2010 and this is the first I have heard about this claim. I did talk to them on the phone and found out why, and I do not owe the money, but I have to go through the process. 


I received a letter from the state's collection services with the amount and the original creditor being the Dept of Labor. I also found out that this Colorado Collection Services is NOT bound by the FDCPA.


I assume I cannot send them the standard debt validation letter citing the FDCPA. 


Is there a sample on here of a letter for collection agencies that are not covered by the FDCPA?

Should I just send a letter asking for more information, or just disputing the claim and ask for more paperwork? 


I have never dealt with a collection agency that was not covered by the FDCPA before.


Thank You

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I had a similiar problem with Ohio regarding some business taxes they 'estimated" because my accountant didn't file the proper paperwork.


All you can do is send a letter explaining why you don't owe the money, along with any supoorting documentation.  Afterwwards, I had seeveral conversations with the collectors and they agreed I owed nothing.


But, each year when the "appointees" change, I wind up going thru it again...so keep good documentation and copies of any correspondance.

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