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Before and After using this site and the awesome people here who are masters


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Transunion 2007  FICO 417

Equifax       2007  FICO 510

Experian     2007  FICO  554



Transunion 2012 FICO 743

Equifax       2012  FICO 778

Experian     2012  FICO  790


I was in such bad shape back then. I studied and read so so so so many posts from so many experts here! Everything from judgments, collections, Charge offs were removed by me using the info here and free. Takes patients, time and alot of studying here. Today I walk into my credit union and walk out with $15,000 signature loans (3 times so far)


Now I have moved onto my business credit and found it isnt worth it as they hard pull personal credit for the personal guarentee but still you have all helped me so much and I thank you!


You can do it. I never had to go to court, I have had JDB's and CA's drop things off my reports because I was able to point out the FDCPA and FCRA statutes everytime.


Today the wife and I have in excess of 80k available in credit cards, utilization is below 25% on what we have balances on, have faith and study everything you can it is so worth it.

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Do be sure to let your congress critters know about the legal loopholes that allow businesses to place inaccurate information on credit reports and such, and what a burden is involved to simply correct wrong information.

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