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OHIO- Trial rapidly approaching- Need advice FAST

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Ok......served in November by JDB for about $2000. I responded and gave Answer through courts.

In January was hit with Discovery/Interrogatories/Request for Admissions.

I responded on time to all.......Denied or objected all requests.

I sent out to Plaintiff a Request for Production of Documents and requested response within 28 days in accordance with Ohio law. Plaintiff has NOT responded.

Trial is set for May. Ohio laws requires all Motions be filed at least 45 days before trial.

What is next move???

I have less than two weeks to file Motions.....

Do I do Motion to Compel for my previously sent Request for Documents?

Send Plaintiff a Request for Admissions in attempt to get them to say they have no supporting documentation proving I owe them the debt?

Motion to Dismiss with Prejudice???

I want to put the last nail in the coffin and end this!!!!!

Please help!!!! And help fast!!!!

Thank you!!!

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I would do both. Motion to compel AND send them admissions. If they don't feel they need to respond, let them not respond to the admissions and then get them deemed admitted.


The motion to compel is necessary as some judges give a lot of leeway to not respond if you don't follow procedure. Most states also require a meet and confer to work it out without court involvement before you motion to compel. Check your state rules on that.

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Received a letter today from Plaintiff's attorney. It simply stated the Plaintiff dismisses its cause of action against the Defendant without prejudice at Plaintiff's cost.

I am going to verify with court to make sure this is really done.....but as I see it......YAY!!!!!!

Thank you thank you each of you that helped me in my two other threads.

And thank all of you who work these threads and come here with questions as I learned SO much reading countless questions and answers to assist me in preparing all of my responses, answers, and Discovery requests.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

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