TransUnion has asked me to verify my address is this necessary?

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I sent a Dispute letter to TransUnion that was recieved by them on 2/25/2013 they have now sent back a letter requesting me to verify my address and that the documents that I originally sent were not good enough. They have put some of the accounts I disputed as "Account info dissputed by consumer" not all of them but some. 


So should I reply to this address validation or does that start their clock over again?




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They think a DL is not good enough?  If that, then they will never be satisfied.  That, or they are trying to get you to ultimately give them financial info.  You wanna bet they will "settle for" a bank statement.


Tell them if the address does NOT match, then it must not be yours, and they can run skip trace on it.


Replying won't start the SOL clock over, unless you are paying on it, or promising to pay on it in certain cases, or agreeing to a new payment plan (e.g. a new loan that pays off the debt, and thus forms a new debt with them as OC).


But they don't need your address.  They might need a bag of sand and a hammer for their new hobby.

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