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HSBC Disputes


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Hello ,


This is my first post and found it by researching HSBC disputes.  I myself and my husband have experienced the same actions by HSBC.  I personally have three accounts with HSBC that are reported incorrectly.  I contacted a local attorney who suggested I keep a log of my telephone calls and mail.  It seems HSBC has purposely re-aged charged off acounts.  I disputed all three accounts and the one my husband has as well.  Each time HSBC validated the accounts as accurate with the 3 CRA including my husband's separate account.  I find the timing interestingly coincidental that all accounts were re-aged when HSBC sold to the portfolio to Capital One.  I personally called HSBC for a Levitz account as HSBC reported a payment on the account in May 2011.  I have the original purchase agreement from October 2007 and know I never made a payment (divorce).  What I found out, there was a finance charge posted after the charge off and account was sold to Asset Acceptance. HSBC recorded this finance charge write off as a payment.  I challenged the customer service agent that was an internal transaction to their balance sheet NOT a payment, they agreed to correct.  Overall, the last activity on three of the accounts were 2006, 2007 and 2008 but all were re-aged in 2011.  I hear class action suit forming.  What do you all think and have you experienced the same?

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