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Sent validation letter,questions for what's next


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I have LVNV on credit report, they have  NEVER contacted me, they bought the debt in 2008.

I did receive a letter from J. C. Christiansen, Nov. 14, 2012, saying they were representing the OC.

I sent J.C. Christiansen a validation letter Nov., 28 2012, have not heard back from them.

I received a letter from Resurgent Capital Services, on Dec. 3, 2012. They had a small paragraph on second page, stating verification of alleged debt.

I sent them a validation letter, Dec., 14, 2012, stating the small paragraph was inadequate. Have not heard back from them.

Received a letter from W.W.R. Feb 1, 2013 stating they had been retained by LVNV to collect the outstanding amount owed.

I sent W.W.R. a validation letter Feb., 19, 2013, and have not heard  from them yet.

All letters sent were CMRRR, stapled to copies of letters.

I am disputing for I do not recognize the OC, and not totally sure it is my debt.

I understand that the above named companies are all part of Sherman Acquisitions, or what ever it goes by. 

My QUESTION is can I send letter to all three credit reporting bureaus, stating the item is in dispute, and ask them to remove the item from credit report? ( I have never heard from LVNV, and I don't remember receiving anything from OC. ) I can send them copies of all the letters that I sent ( copies of CMRRR, letters I received and letters I sent out ) It has been over 30 days, if we go back to the first noticed I received. I am wondering if the dispute would be valid since I have heard from three different companies for the same debt.  BTW only LVNV is on my credit report, nothing from J.C.C., Resurgent, or W.W.R.

I think the reason it took so long for LVNV to have those other collection agencies send me letters, is I have been trying hard to take care of bills, that I knew had been neglected do to personal and medical hardships. Sorry to say I paid off a couple before I found this place, and realize I made some big mistakes. I never asked for validated or tried to settle and have them remove the negative remarks.

Even this old dog is learning some new tricks, and is greatly appreciative to those who provide knowledge for all of us. or to let us know what ha or has not worked for them

Sorry this is long and thank you for any input

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I'd dispute as not mine first.  Then if it comes back as verified, send a follow up letter.  


I'm not surprised that this debt has been bouncing around - your debt validation letters identify you as anything but an easy target.  

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I should say that WWR is Weltman, Weinberg & Reis attorneys. I feel as they were acting ads a collector, and not as a lawyer. 

Their letter came from Ohio, even tho they have an office in Michigan.

Their letter sounded as the other two previous letters.


Can I send a letter to the credit reporting bureaus, since it hasn't really been verified and it has been over 30 days from the first two letters, that I sent for validation?


And should I send LVNV a validation letter?  Was told they outsource and don't really do much under that name. since there are a ton of "sister" agencies under Sherman.

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