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Verizon sent bill to Collection agency. Need help plz


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I recently had received an incorrect bill from Verizon wireless, so I called and had them modify the bill and I didnt pay it as I waited for the next bill to show the modified amount. The second bill they sent was also incorrect, so I had them modify again. My inital bills' deadline was January 18, 2013. 

As I was waiting for a the third bill to come and finally pay, I was shocked by receiving a mail a week ago from a debt collection agency requiring me to pay a bill to verizon.

I was really shocked since I had only delayed payment because of verizon's errors on the bills. And I had already informed Verizon that I wont pay until the next bill comes. But apparently they really didnt listen to me, but rather they just sent the bill to a CA.


Now this was the first time I received a letter from a CA, so I panicked and quickly picked up the phone and payed Verizon directly, NOT thru the CA.


Now I need your help:


1. Did I make a mistake by paying verizon instead of the collection agency?


2. Will this letter from CA hurt my credit score?


3. What should I do now? Should I call the CA? 


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The cover of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy might be instructive as it is said to have "the words DON'T PANIC in large, friendly letters on the cover."


If it was North Shore Agency or the very first collection agency to contact you I would probably want to send them a DV letter disputing the debt. They should toss it back to Verizon Wireless. I would not assume I had made a mistake if I had paid Verizon Wireless directly since I am unaware of them selling their consumer debt.


If there was an overcharge I would quickly put my billing dispute in writing to start my attempt to recovery my money.


It appears Verizon Wireless doesn't report to CRAs until around the time of charge off. I don't have any indication that their collection agencies report anything to the CRAs.


I would only call the CA if I could record the call without their permission and then only to document any violations of the FDCPA or any applicable state law. I am not big on wasting time with CAs on the phone.


All billing disputes with Verizon Wireless must be done through the mail IMHO. Preferably CMRRR. Once consumers realize that Verizon Wireless considers itself above the law their bad behavior is much less shocking to the sensibilities of unaware consumers.

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