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Arbitration in CT


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Hello Everyone,


I am trying to get my case moved from court to arbitration. I went to the court and the clerk told me that if I filed my answer and mtc together that I would be waiving my rights to object to previous items. The CT procedures books state:


Sec. 10-6. Pleadings Allowed and Their
The order of pleading shall be as follows:
(1) The plaintiff’s complaint.
(2) The defendant’s motion to dismiss the complaint

(3) The defendant’s request to revise the complaint.
(4) The defendant’s motion to strike the complaint.
(5) The defendant’s answer (including any special
defenses) to the complaint.
(6) The plaintiff’s request to revise the defendant’s
(7) The plaintiff’s motion to strike the defendant’s
(8) The plaintiff’s reply to any special defenses.
(P.B. 1978-1997, Sec. 112.)


Should I file my mtc first and wait for them to rule on this before I file an answer?

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