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Being sued by midland funding in az

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Im recieved a summons in january 2013, states I owe a debt to CIT bank for over $1,000.00.  I have never heard of this bank.   I was told by the server that this was incorrect it was for Citi bank.   After several emails with no response for clarification I did some research and sent a debt collector disclosure letter.   I recieved a letter several weeks later with a clarification that it os with Citi bank.  I then called Citi bank to verify the account info they have listed,  they stated that this account does not exsist, they even verified with my personal info that i have no active accounts or accounts that have gone to collectioms.   They however refuse to give me a letter stating this.   What do I do now.   I spoke with an attorney amd he told me this case is a waste of time.    Please help with with any advice.    I do have a pretrial set for early april.

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