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Have a case mgmt and conference date and received more court docs

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I have a court date set for case management and conference hearing in a few days and the collection agency has sent me more court docs. They first sent me a letter wanting me to call them for settlement over the weekend and today I received court filed docs for "plaintiffs demands for production of documents to defendant" "plaintiffs request for admission to defendent" and "plaintiffs special interrogatories to defendent". Court date is in 2 days, do I need to respond to any of this? Please help! Thanks in advance

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I mentioned in your other post located here, that it would be most helpful to you to answer the questions located here.  That way all the great people on this board will have most of the info they need to offer up the best help.


The documents you received are plaintiff’s discovery demands and you have 30 +5 or 35 days within which to answer.  Read ASTMedics thread located here.  I’m sure the documents you received are very similar, if not exactly, the same as his.  That thread has a great deal of info that will be very helpful to you.


Good luck,



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