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I know I am gonna look like a fool here but what is the 623 Method?


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Across the top of these pages, way up there, are links to various topics in the Credit Infocenter that look like:


Home | Pay For Delete | Debt Validation | Credit Repair | Credit Rebuild | Sue Creditors & CAs | 623 Dispute Method | Report Spammers & Idiots | CIC Blog | Facebook


Compare Credit Report Services | Settle Debts | Statute of Limitations | Find Creditor Address | FCRA | FDCPA | Sample Letters | Vacating Judgments | Method of Verification


The "623 Dispute Method" link is in the first row.

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if you look in the very top of the web page there is a link for it.


The Fair Credit Reporting Act section 623 allows for you t challenge anyone who is reporting a trade line on your credit report.


The most important thing t know is in order for the 623 method to work you MUST dispute the trade line with the credit reporting agency first. You cannot miss this step in the process.


Once the credit reporting agency marks the trade line verified. You can then send a 623 letter to the reporting agency that placed the trade line on your report.

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