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How to dispute satisfied judgments?


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Hi all,

I have three judgments, all satisfied. I am writing to the credit reports to dispute - but thought I might check to see if this is wise. They are all within the past 3 years, so I think I should. I used the form letter, and the reference numbers from my credit report.




1. Do I just say they are in error, and dispute them, or give more information?

2. Only one shows a reference number for the satisfaction - one judgment doesn't show satisfaction at all. Is this handled the same way?

3. Should I dispute all three judgments in the same letter to each credit agency?

4. Should I dispute with the court in my county at all? Or just leave it alone there, since they are satisfied?


Thanks for any help,


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Thank you! I will try. I am also doing research on this site about vacating judgments, but that seems to be for ones that were not paid, or alternatively, making sure they all show as satisfied. I am still a bit confused, so am going to read further.


Thanks again!

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