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Johnson and Associates??


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 Anyone ever hear of these people? I've been getting calls from them for about 3 weeks now. A  "Mr.Adams " keeps leaving the exact same message regarding a "business matter" and that his client demands immediate recommendation. They never address me by name, the do state at the end of the call the usual this is an attempt to collect a debt jargon. This totally sounds like a prerecorded message as its exactly the same message every single time and there's always a slight delay before the message starts on my voice mail.


I've been searching the net for any info on this agency but cannot find anything at all other than a couple of who called me type sites but no one seems to have any concrete info on these jokers. 


I have not called them back as of yet because I would like to be armed with info before calling them. I have a sneaky suspicion that  as soon as i call they will ask for my ssn which i will NOT be providing them.


So has  anyone here dealt with these folks ?



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They never ask for anyone specifically by name?


Of course you will not provide your SSN.  Don't provide your name, either.  Do tell them your phone number (they called it, they already know it) if you do choose to call them.  I wouldn't ... unless I feel like gaming them.


them: "Johnson and Associates, how may I direct your call?"

me: "I want to know why you guys are calling my phone"

them: "What is your name?"

me: "234-555-6789"

them: "We need your name"

me: "The phone calls are not calling me ... they are calling my phone ... and I want you to stop it"

them: "Well, we need your name to do anything"

me: "Just look up the phone number in your computer and delete it ... 234-555-6789"

them: "We can't do that"

me: "Of course you can, so now I know you guys are liars, too"

them: "What?"

me: "Just do not call this phone number ever again or I will keep calling you back to tell you to stop it"

(hang up)

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Nope the caller never specifically states my name. I have had collection calls in the past where they always state my name and if its not me then to disregard. So continuing to ignore them in this case is wise? I have not received any physical mail from them at this point. So i  guessing they have nothing concrete to go on. Wondering how they got my number at this point.

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