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Questions about credit score


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I am not a credit score guru, so I have some questions.


My TU score went down to 604


I have an account from Dept of Education that was reported opened in 1999 last reported in 2007 and it says closed.

Amount is 10,000 dollars. I know it is past the 7 years. It is also being figured in to my debt to income ratio.


Would I gain any points by having it deleted for the 7 year period?


I also have a sallie mae account opened in 2004 that is closed for 1200

I have another sallie mae from 2004 for 589 that is closed

one from 2003 for 2600 that is closed

one from 2003 for 330 that is closed

one from 2004 for 875 that is closed

One from 2004 for 880 that is closed



I have also noticed that when CAPONE reports every month on my credit card, instead of updating the original account from 2011, they close the account from the prior month and open a new account for the last reported month. The open date is correct and the reporting of the account is correct. But, would the closing of the old account and reopening a new account hurt my score, and is it legal for them to do this.


I have an account from Chase bank

It reports

Derogatory, 0 balance, secured loan, charged off as bad debt, high balance 1575, opened 4/2007, reported 6/2007, it has never been updated. I called the bank and they could not find any records of this. I did have a 1500 dollar loan with them in 2007 backed by a CD. I paid it and chased in the CD to pay i off as I was moving.


These Sallie mae accounts also show up on the other cra's the same.

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Are you looking at the FAKO score from TU, or the FICO score based on TU info?  Only the FICO score matters.


The Sally Mae loans, if they are PAID and closed don't matter.


As long as Crap 1 doesn't change the DOFD, that doesn't matter.


Dispute the Chase TL.  If it comes back verified, use the 623 method.

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The loans that I have open are still deferred. The ones i am talking about show closed. not reason for them being closed is specified.


The score i am going by is the score i get from my online account.


I have never paid any of my loans if full. I am paying on three of them but am working on getting them consolidated. The one that are reported closed I have no idea why they are reported that way.

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if you are still in school do not consolidate until you are done with school. Under the new legislation for consolidating student loans you only get to do it once.

Do you have a reference for this?  I would like to link to it.  

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