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lvnv SOL will report as DISPUTED


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Need help again.  I am new to the credit repair business.  In fact, because of hard times in 2007, I have completely avoided my credit report unitl last month.  I finally decided that I might as well see how bad it was and try to fix it.  I made some disputes (4) with the CRA's. 1. didn't pay late for that month (old Mortgage) 2. sent copy of lawsuit to try to get rid of Midland 3.NCO SST not mine 4. SST not mine.

Still waiting to see what happens


 This is where the I need HELP part comes in!  For 2 accts (old) past SOL for lawsuit, LVNV accts: I sent BBB Complaint and Atty General. that LVNV was factoring company and listed as "open account" under account type, and updates every month on my report.  I said I felt they were atempting to re-age an account past the SOL. I have no idea who these people are. They never sent me a letter just show up on report.


They answered with: who the OC's were and some bill statements on one acct.  They state the date they supposedly 'purchased the debt'.  But didn't send proof of buying debt.  Just a date. Said other collection agencies were trying to collect, so LVNV didn't have to send letters.  BUT do not list another collection agency on one account. Then stated BS about they will report the tradelines as disputed during the next reporting cycle.  For debt purchasers, the credit bureaus use the “Open Date” field to capture the date that the account was purchased. In addition, if deejay3 has any correspondence to/from Capital One, Arrow, and/or WAMU concerning this dispute, it may help with our investigation, so please have him forward it to:



Compliance Department    or     Fax:  866-467-0918

MS 250

P.O. Box 10497                      

Greenville, SC 29603


My question is...DO I need to send a 632 to LVNV and OC, or just LVNV, (or what should be next step?) and try to get some details validated.  Not just, on the computer screen it says this.  These debts have grown in over triple the size.  So, I would like to know if all the add on's are legal.  Get a running list of every dollar that was added from 2007 until today.  I would love to catch them in as many FDCPA violations as possible.  


I am responding to the BBB letter with, this isn't good enough and some general complaining.  I just refuse to ACCEPT their answer. 


ALSO, after they answer the 623, is this the time to send the "don't call me again, I am not paying this" letter?


If anyone else has had dealings with LVNV, and you used a method or argument that worked to remove this snake, I would love to hear what worked for you.


Thank you!!




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The add ons are not legal if the case is sold to a JDB and LVNV is definitely a JDB.   That is usury pure and simple.   Glad you sent a note to your state AG's office.  


I would send a 623 dispute to both LVNV and the OC.  Can't hurt.  

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How does this look for reason to reject answer to bbb


LVNV has proved nothing.  They have posted some names and dates from a computer screen.  There is nothing legal about this "debt validation".  They have placed these accounts as type of account: OPEN, and I am not silly enough to think OPEN DATE is the same as TYPE of account.  These accounts are listed as OPEN with a one month term, every month, on some reports, and different dates on other reports.  Also, each listing on the credit report states different information. They are continuing to add fees. They have not provided a detailed list of every charge on these "alleged accounts", without such accounting records, from day one, this is usury pure and simple.  They have provided NO legal PROOF that they are the legal owners of the 'alleged debts'. There is no way for me to tell what these accounts are, and if they accurate. This company has been sued in several class action lawsuits for FDCPA and FTC violations.  I have contacted the Atty General and sent my files and credit reports to a consumer lawyer who is reviewing my records.  I believe that multiple violations are being made against me.

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